I’m sure we’ve all been there – everything seems to be going against you and you feel like the Universe is punishing you! No matter what you try you get blocked or diverted. Isn’t that frustrating? 

Well, I’m here to help you get through this. 

I used to be a fast-paced workaholic and a perfectionist Virgo on top of that! Not an easy combo. Can you relate? Well, going through my personal transformation and diving deep into my spiritual teachings I realized that this world is created to be in a constant flow. It is always moving and there is nothing permanent here. Did you ever notice that? If not, take a look around you and observe the movement. Can you see it now? Can you understand that searching for security and permanence in this world is absolutely pointless?

If everything is movement, then  WHY are you trying to stand still? Well, I can answer this question too! Our Soul is eternal and THAT is our natural way of being, so we feel frustrated when things aren’t that way. We fear change, sudden change of plans, movement. That scares us, because it’s not natural to our true self. We want eternity.

However, the only way to survive in this world is to learn to go with the flow and BE FLEXIBLE. Once you accept the fact that things always change, you can easily adapt to each situation. When you know that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, you can understand that when it seems the odds are against you, you are being told to STOP, OBSERVE other solutions and CHANGE the plan or simply WAIT.  BE FLEXIBLE. Learn from the experience. That is exactly why you chose to be here. Your Soul and the present moment are the only real and the only permanent things in this world! Everything else is movement.

The moment I learned not to force the flow but go with it, my life became so much easier! I learned to adapt, accept that things don’t always have to go my way as it might not be for my highest purpose. Remember, you can’t see the big picture and that’s why it’s so frustrating! Learning how to trust that the Universe has my back at all times made me feel supported and safe at all times. I don’t feel the “odds are against me”. Now I simply observe and do what is possible or simply wait for everything to shift. Keep your focus on what you want to manifest and listen. You will soon get instructions for the next step, through your inspiration, feeling, intuition, however you want to call it. Collaborate with the Universe. Trust. Every time I do this, the situation shifts much quicker and I get to the next step. Always. Try it and see what happens!

Observe the flow and move with gentle ease, learn from the experience and enjoy the ride! 

Let me know how it goes!

Maja Savic

Author Maja Savic

Maja Savic is a Holistic Coach & Healer, Musician, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Yogini, Intuitive Biz Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Motivation Speaker that helps transform people’s lives on an international level. Published on Insight Timer, Medium, hosting her podcast on various platforms and Youtube channel where she shares her teachings. She founded QInspired Life in 2016 to promote conscious living, to inspire people to follow their heart and manifest their dream life!

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