What to do when your manifestation isn’t happening

We’ve all been there…you are super positive, you know what you want and you are doing the work to manifest something you truly want. Then, the waiting begins and as time goes by…it still isn’t happening…and then you start to wonder WHY! The questioning begins…you start to question yourself and asking questions like –  Is there something that I’m doing wrong? Is there anything else I can do?

Then you start getting frustrated and you’re not sure why it’s not happening, cause you are doing all the work, right? You go through all the steps again, take more action, push more…work harder…and all that…

Still nothing…

You ask the Universe for a sign, and you get something, but it’s not enough and you still don’t believe your manifestation is happening. WTF?? It should’ve already been here! What else can I do???

If you are already noticing yourself in this scenario I want you to stop right there. 

You are entering a frenzy and you need to stop!

I know. Letting go of the control is freaking you out and it’s not easy.


BUT…listen…that is the KEY. ABSOLUTE TRUST that it is actually already in progress and manifestation is happening. By questioning it so much and interfering with your “efforts” you are actually slowing it down. You are not in the state of RECEIVING. Allow the manifestation to come to you. Stay in the trust that it’s all working out and you are worthy of receiving it.

You know what is the best thing you can do?

Go and have fun! Play! Laugh! Enjoy life and be grateful for what is already here.

That way you are telling the Universe – YESSSSS!!! THIS IS WHAT I WANT!! More of this feeling and this kind of energy! ALIGN with THAT vibration to attract it! BE it. BREATHE it. THAT is the work that speeds it up.

Seriously, been there so I get it. And if you are really freaking out, just ask for proof that you clearly define in a time frame of 24 or 48h so you know it’s coming, just as reassurance.

Then LET IT GO. That is the hardest but the most important step of the manifestation process.

Sending you loving support to relax and allow yourself to receive your blessings.

You deserve it!

Hope this helps 🙂



Why I don’t have a morning routine

I'm going to be honest with you.

I don't have a morning routine because I am NOT a "morning person" and the word routine makes me uncomfortable. Never liked routines of any sort and prefer diversity. 

I have been trying to do the morning thing - wake up early, set up a routine and then start my day. But honestly, I am just not a morning person. I work and function better at night and I am truly a Moon child. I love nighttime because it's peaceful. Everybody is sleeping and there is a sense of calm. Mornings are very slow for me and I like to take my time to get started with my day, preferably after at least 8h of good night sleep. So I decided I won't force myself to be what I'm not and what doesn't feel right. I have found something that works for me and this is what I'd like to share with you today.

As far as routines are concerned, let's rephrase this and talk about daily practice and rituals rather than routines. I like to make it diverse and intuitively guided.

  • Daily Practice - this to me is not 5-15 minutes in the morning/evening. This is something that is spread throughout the whole day. I will explain more below.
  • Rituals can help instigate change and set intentions. I like to use the Moon rituals (you can find my Moon Rituals in the Temple)  to do just that.

What do I mean by Daily Practice?

My daily practice allows me to stay in the flow all the time. I practice awareness and remind myself to stay conscious. Here are some things I do instead of the morning practice that you can try. The point being - there is no designated time for doing this. Do it when you feel inspired and spread it out throughout the day when it suits you. It's your choice and your practice.

  • Practice awareness by bringing your attention to the present moment. Notice your breath and connect with its flow, eat mindfully and slowly when eating your meal, listen to the sounds around you....just OBSERVE.
  • Allow your inner guidance to show you the path and act intuitively. Most of my decisions are based on that guidance as it has proven to be absolutely correct and for my highest good. This is the same for everyone. Meditate for a few minutes whenever you get the chance - on the bus/metro, while waiting in a line at the bank, or sit in the park on your way home, when in your office set a timer to just close your eyes and breathe...when you get into that quiet space seek guidance. Connect with it several times a day to enhance it and hear it more clearly. Then observe what insights you get to guide you to your next step. 
  • Stay in gratitude and say thanks for EVERYTHING! Wherever you go, whatever you do, whatever happens, whoever annoys you,...say THANK YOU. It is a blessing even if you don't know it yet. Stop for just one second and imagine there is a bigger plan for you and everything that is happening is a part of that plan. Trust it's all happening for a reason and is for your highest good. Stay in that state of mind the whole day - every day. Live it. Breathe it. 
  • Forgive and let go - make decluttering on all levels your way of living. Every day make sure to release all low-vibing energy like that of anger, frustration or sadness and keep your physical space clean. Keep your inner and outer world clean. Use EFT or Tapping to release blocks and unwanted feelings, Reiki, Solfeggio frequencies, or any other way that works for you. Make sure to Forgive yourself and others, and let go of any feelings of resentment. To declutter your space make a massive clearing where you donate/throw away/fix things and then keep it clean. Don't bring more stuff into your home unless you have thrown something that no longer serves you. Letting go of attachments will make you feel lighter and freer. 
  • Get inspired to be conscious - I love reading scriptures or listening to spiritual talks, TED Talks, inspirational messages...whatever I can do to remind myself of my true Divine essence, to be the observer and co-creator of the reality around me, connect with my guidance a little deeper - all is welcome and beneficial.

All this has helped me manifest many blessings in my life and design my reality the way it suits me.

For example, living on 3 locations - beach house, Paris and chosen location (different every year), yacht trips, luxury travel, tripled my income, manifested my Twin Flame, amazing clients and mentors, and so much more! 

I am manifesting faster because I am in the state of flow the whole time. I am living it. Breathing it. Try it yourself and see what happens!

Sending you all loving support!


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Behind the confidence hides…a shy little girl

Maja-zadarYup, this is me. In a town where I was born. In Croatia. 
As you see, I was a cute little girl so you can imagine I got a lot of attention. Lucky me? Uhm…no.
To me – that was the worst thing in the world…

Most people wouldn’t believe it but I was always a really shy child, completely overwhelmed by attention I was getting. At the time I didn’t realize, nor did anyone else, that I was also a High Sensitive Person. Today I know what it is, but I’ve had years of struggle because of it. I FEEL EVERYTHING. And yes, it’s overwhelming. And yes, attention bothers me. Honestly, I feel most comfortable in my little shelter protected from the world. I avoid crowds because they’re overwhelming. I crave solitude and space to process my emotions and everything I feel. I need time to regenerate.

Not many people get that. And as I said – I was super shy! I couldn’t even STAND in front of people, let alone SPEAK to them! I would kick, scream, cry and – escape as soon as possible.

I’ve been judged and misunderstood for being sensitive so many times I can’t even tell you. I thought something was wrong with me. So you can imagine how low my self-confidence was. I didn’t believe I could do anything I wanted. And I loved to sing, dance, perform – and make people smile. Imagine that! I grew up in a family of actors so this was absolutely normal. But for me it was terrifying, yet I was always drawn to that. I guess I have some artistic genes that couldn’t resist.

So one day I decided to face my fear. I went to an improv class in the Zagreb Youth Theater. I was completely freaking out as I was making my way there. I remember it, as if it were yesterday! STILL! And this was over 20 years ago! I kept thinking – “What am I doing?? Am I completely crazy?? I will make a fool of myself in front of all this people! I can’t do this…I can’t do this…I CAN’T !!!”


I thought to myself – “NO. I CAN’T GIVE UP WITHOUT EVEN TRYING.”

I knew I would regret it. I had to try. I was so curious of what would happen! I figured, there are two options:

  1. I hate it and make a fool of myself. I leave the class and never come back. I don’t know these people so I don’t really care.
  2. I love it and discover something new! I finally get to do what I love and stop being afraid.
So I decided to go for it. And you know what?
I LOVED IT!!! It was amazing! And mind you, I DID MAKE A FOOL OF MYSELF! Haha 🙂 And it was great! We laughed. That was it. It was funny! Nothing scary. The world was still turning. Nothing changed. Except I pushed my limit a bit further. That was different. Up to date, this has remained my motto – Don’t give up before even trying!Since then I kept going for my dreams and faced my fear over and over again. I am STILL FACING MY FEAR and getting out of my comfort zone. You know why? Because it’s WORTH IT. If it allows you to follow your passion and live the life you desire, you gotta do it!All this helped me build my confidence and follow my heart’s desire. Being confident and trusting that you CAN do whatever you want makes you UNSTOPPABLE! It makes you a powerful manifester!Being confident has allowed me to:

  • Become a successful jazz vocalist in my country (singing in front of people was a BIG FEAR, remember??)
  • All my jobs were about me standing in front of people – a teacher, a tourist guide, a translator, an actress, a singer, a facilitator…and I loved it!
  • I performed in front of thousands of people and on LIVE national TV!
  • I hosted my own radio show every week on LIVE national radio!
  • I have hosted many events, and have spoken at and facilitated hundreds of workshops, events and lectures
The list goes on and on…the point being – CONFIDENCE is key to SUCCESS
And you should try improv theater! 😉 hehe

This is me happy on stage, doing what I love and sharing this joy with others. Follow your passions! It’s worth it! 🙂 Photo by: Martina Bošković Ribarić


Visualize to Manifest

Did you know that if you visualize your desired outcomes and goals there is a greater chance of them manifesting? It’s really not all woo-woo! It actually works.

Being the practical Virgo I love having scientific proof so I did my research and it seems that our brain doesn’t know if what we’re visualizing is real or not! Whether you’re remembering a situation from the past, playing possible scenarios in your mind or visualizing exactly what you’d like to achieve – there is no difference. What you’re thinking about you will attract. That’s basic Law of Attraction. On the more scientific level, visualization conditions neurological pathways and influences the subconscious mind. Basically, you are programming yourself. The key is to make it as real as possible and as if it’s already manifested, by bringing the feeling into the present moment.

There are many different ways to do that, but I’d like to share with you one that I found quite powerful.


Your gift today is a Guided Visualization for Manifesting desired goals!

And may I just say…DREAM BIG! Don’t hold back! Why the heck not??

NOTE: You will also get access to my free meditations for manifesting abundance and prosperity with brain entrainment and subliminal messaging. enjoy!

New Moon = New Beginning

Are you ready for the most powerful New Moon this year?

Have you been feeling a bit emotional or distressed lately and have no explanation for it? Well, it could be the New Moon coming up on the 26th February joined with the Solar Eclipse in the emotional Pisces! 

On top of the New Moon energy which always brings a birth of something new and letting go of the old, this one is enhanced as this eclipse opens up a new channel to raise your vibration to a higher level! It may take up to 6 months to balance the energies and get in sync with the Earth’s frequency again. So make sure you tune in, take care of your needs, meditate, go within, breathe… 

You may feel old feelings rising up to the surface, negative thoughts creeping up on you or feeling unbalanced. It’s a good time to cleanse and heal. Acknowledge the emotions and thoughts that come up and heal. Use forgiveness as a tool to let it go, so you can welcome the new a bit lighter.

Journal what comes up, take time to process your emotions, eat light food, stay hydrated, get enough rest. Do whatever you need to feel balanced and calm. Once you go through this process you will have a clear vision of where you want to be. 

So if there is something in your life right now that you’d really like to pursue – go for it! It’s a great time to do that. Get clear on that, and write it down. You may even create a Vision Board to enhance the image in your mind. Keep it somewhere where you can see it. Set your intentions and goals then surround yourself with them. I suggest you do the New Moon Ritual to make it official.

I have prepared a special worksheet for you to help you in this fragile time and connect with your inner guidance. Make sure to do the ritual within the 24h! You may use the worksheet every month but I strongly suggest you do it today as this one is the most powerful one in 2017. 

GET the New Moon Ritual BELOW and use it to set the intentions and commit to your vision! 


For further reading I strongly recommend this article on Elephant Journal by Alex Myles, as it may bring you more clarity.




What to do when the odds are against you?

I’m sure we’ve all been there – everything seems to be going against you and you feel like the Universe is punishing you! No matter what you try you get blocked or diverted. Isn’t that frustrating? 

Well, I’m here to help you get through this. 

I used to be a fast-paced workaholic and a perfectionist Virgo on top of that! Not an easy combo. Can you relate? Well, going through my personal transformation and diving deep into my spiritual teachings I realized that this world is created to be in a constant flow. It is always moving and there is nothing permanent here. Did you ever notice that? If not, take a look around you and observe the movement. Can you see it now? Can you understand that searching for security and permanence in this world is absolutely pointless?

If everything is movement, then  WHY are you trying to stand still? Well, I can answer this question too! Our Soul is eternal and THAT is our natural way of being, so we feel frustrated when things aren’t that way. We fear change, sudden change of plans, movement. That scares us, because it’s not natural to our true self. We want eternity.

However, the only way to survive in this world is to learn to go with the flow and BE FLEXIBLE. Once you accept the fact that things always change, you can easily adapt to each situation. When you know that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, you can understand that when it seems the odds are against you, you are being told to STOP, OBSERVE other solutions and CHANGE the plan or simply WAIT.  BE FLEXIBLE. Learn from the experience. That is exactly why you chose to be here. Your Soul and the present moment are the only real and the only permanent things in this world! Everything else is movement.

The moment I learned not to force the flow but go with it, my life became so much easier! I learned to adapt, accept that things don’t always have to go my way as it might not be for my highest purpose. Remember, you can’t see the big picture and that’s why it’s so frustrating! Learning how to trust that the Universe has my back at all times made me feel supported and safe at all times. I don’t feel the “odds are against me”. Now I simply observe and do what is possible or simply wait for everything to shift. Keep your focus on what you want to manifest and listen. You will soon get instructions for the next step, through your inspiration, feeling, intuition, however you want to call it. Collaborate with the Universe. Trust. Every time I do this, the situation shifts much quicker and I get to the next step. Always. Try it and see what happens!

Observe the flow and move with gentle ease, learn from the experience and enjoy the ride! 

Let me know how it goes!


Discipline brings Freedom

If you are like me this title would freak you out! If you’re like me your first associations to the word “discipline” would be – military, order, strict…in short – hell! 

Ever since I was a little girl I had problems with schedules, rules and any kind of limitations of my freedom. I always believed that I am free to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want. I was born FREE and I intended to keep it that way. Nobody could tell me otherwise or make me do something I didn’t want to do at any given time. Any time someone would threaten my freedom it resulted in my complete and utter resistance. The word “discipline” has always been a negative word in my mind. I simply didn’t see anything positive about it!

Several years ago I had a major personal transformation, as I returned to the spiritual way of living after losing my way for years. I started pulling out Angel cards every day and following their guidance. Literally! Whatever I pulled that day, it was what I focused on. It was amazing and truly helpful. To this day, Angels guide me and have helped me so much along the way. I was really fascinated at how clear their messages were. I remember one time, I pulled the card “DISCIPLINE” and the affirmation on that card was – “Discipline brings freedom”. As you may have guessed already, my first reaction was – “No freakin’ way! That’s bullshit! I’m not doing that.”. YES, that’s how much I was repelled by this word. I put the card back in the deck, shuffled again and pulled the card again hoping for a nicer word. Guess what. I pulled the same card again! The message was clear. The very thing that I’d been avoiding all my life was thrown in my face. I needed to learn to embrace discipline as tool and learn that it was actually a good thing.

Mind you, it took me years to figure this out. Even today it’s not the most natural thing for me. However, I learned to realize that it was true and the Angels were right. Discipline does bring you freedom. If you want to make your dreams a reality – doing things half way or randomly simply doesn’t work! 

You NEED to be COMMITTED and you need to focus your attention to what you want to manifest EVERY DAY! Yeah, sorry to tell you this, but that’s how it works. The good thing is – once you get that habit going, you manifest much more quickly and get to where you want to be. So it’s totally worth it and it does give you freedom! You are suddenly able to manifest whatever you want! Isn’t that amazing?

How do you feel about discipline now? I know I sure feel differently. And I make sure I’m damn consistent with following through so I can make my dreams a reality.


How I manifested my life in Paris

It all began 5 years ago when my sister posed this really important question that literally changed my life – WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE – IF ANYTHING WAS POSSIBLE? 

I stopped and thought about it…and realized that I have never looked at it that way – if ANYTHING was possible??? Well…hmmm…let me think…then it hit me! WOW, IF ANYTHING WAS POSSIBLE??? 

Then I started daydreaming like I used to when I was younger and got the ball rolling.

Well, if ANYTHING was possible and there were no limitations, then I’d really love to live on 3 locations:

  1. a really inspirational , multicultural place with lots of possibilities! 
  2. somewhere by the sea as I need my Sea Therapy 🙂 
  3. somewhere out there in the world, discovering a new place

Crazy, huh? Well, she did ask if anything was possible!

I had no idea where those locations would be and how on Earth was I supposed to make this happen!

So first I went to visit my sister in Paris and mind you – I hated Paris at the time and was literally going to spend quality time with her, nothing else. But the Universe had a different plan for me. I got there and fell in love with the city. It was unexpected and it swept me off my feet, like those big romances usually are. And it was decided – the first one will be Paris! This is the one I will focus on in this article, but just to say that I did manifest what I wanted and am currently dividing my time between 3 locations. 🙂 Yes, it’s possible and if you’re a free spirit like me then you would totally enjoy this lifestyle. Feel free to contact me or comment below  if you have questions about that.

Ever since I was a teenager I was always following the “signs” and guidance from the Universe and it always got me where I was supposed to be. In my late twenties life happened and threw me off track. In my thirties I re-connected with myself and got back in sync with the Universe, more specifically that year when I made this crazy decision to manifest Paris. Thanks to my sister, who reminded my to dream big, like I used to. 🙂 

Let me explain this process step by step so you get a clear picture of how it all went down and how you can do this yourself to manifest what you want.

STEP 1 – Ask yourself the same question – What would you like your life to be if anything was possible? Take your time – this is a big one!

STEP 2 – Decide what you truly want and listen to your heart’s desire. If your wish isn’t in alignment with your heart it doesn’t work. You need to truly want this with your whole body, mind and soul – starting with the heart! You need to be burning for this!!!

STEP 3 Make a Vision Board of your dream and surround yourself with it! I made a vision board of my life in Paris and got beautiful postcards I put everywhere in my house! Paris was literally the first thing I saw in the morning and the last thing I saw at night (the postcard was by my bed). I believe that was the key to be honest.

STEP 4Get excited as if it’s already yours! Imagine you have that one-way ticket to your dreams in your pocket! Get the vibration high every day and enjoy daydreaming about it. It works. Trust me.

STEP 5 – Let go! Don’t freak out thinking about it. I know this is the tricky part but it’s crucial! Enjoy daydreaming but don’t obsess!! That will slow down the process. No worries. No cares. Like when you order something on Amazon – you ordered it so no need to fuss. You know it’s coming! Just be patient and relax. Super important!

STEP 6 Observe and look for the signs! Once you order your wish you will be guided on how to get there. Be open because opportunities may be what you don’t expect. Trust that the Universe will get you the most amazing offers to get you where you want to be . It will send you the right people, the right info and/or the actual path to where you want to be, and much more! This part is truly amazing! I have so many stories to tell on this topic! Just stay on the look out and get ready for miracles! And be ready for it!

STEP 7 Take action! I think this one is pretty obvious, n’est-ce pas? Naturally, if you don’t do anything about it then nothing happens. The Universe can throw you the most amazing opportunities, but if you don’t take them, you stay where you are. You need to take action towards your goals! Go for it and don’t be afraid. It’s worth it. I promise. 🙂

This is EXACTLY how I manifested Paris. The first year I had no idea that’s what it was, but the second year I paid attention and managed to move quickly and easily!

To clarify this – once I decided Paris was the place I literally got a job days after, but back in Croatia, which confused me and I almost turned it down! What I didn’t realize then was that it was the Universe sending me a well-paid and steady job to save for Paris. Easy! However, I didn’t see it that way, so I spent all the money and didn’t save anything. When I started working there I told myself I would work for a year as I wasn’t planning on staying in Croatia, and naturally my contract ended in a year exactly. Why? The management changed and they got rid of a bunch of people – me included. One year after I was shocked to find myself jobless with little or no opportunities to make money and save for Paris, yet I was still determined and realized my error. I didn’t pay attention. So I decided to do things differently and be open to whatever comes. And boy it did!! I got so many crazy and unusual opportunities that not only helped me save money for Paris, but I had enough to stay for the whole period without having to work a day. YES, that’s right! Even though I didn’t have to, I did work a bit because I wanted to, but I didn’t have that pressure of needing money to survive. I had a blast and enjoyed it to the maximum!

Since then I have NO DOUBT that the Universe has my back at all times and that I only need to direct my focus to what I DO want in life, let go of expectations and observe. And have fun in the process!

Try it and let me know how it goes! I’m here for you if you need any assistance 🙂 

Good luck and happy manifesting!