Let me share my story with you and how I got qinspired to live my dream and follow my heart’s desire! i hope my story inspires you to do the same!


A few years ago, my path turned towards spirituality and I decided to make major changes in my life. I’ve always been drawn to spiritual practices like Yoga and Meditation, but life took me in different directions and there were times when I lost connection with myself.

My perky, optimistic self fell into a great depression for the first time in my life after a major breakdown. I got betrayed by the person I thought I’d spend my life with, I had serious communication issues with people I worked with, one thing lead to another and my ego was shattered into small pieces.

Everything I knew so far – who I was, what I wanted, what my life was all about – suddenly seemed completely false.

One day, my singing teacher showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. He showed me that I was in my own “movie”, and that the reality around me was something completely different than what I thought it was. Since I knew I wasn’t happy where I was and couldn’t live the way I did anymore, I decided to take a peek through a small hole in the heavy walls I built around me to see what was going on outside my world.

And I realized, that I was missing out! Missing out on life, on happiness, on all the good things that could’ve happened to me if I only just allowed them! Then I slowly started to take down my wall, brick by brick, and take back control of my life.

I decided to be grateful for every day and every little thing that I experienced, good or “bad”. Especially the “bad” experiences because they are our greatest lessons! Learning to appreciate it all and understanding that everything happens for a reason made a huge difference for me! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t experienced these dark feelings and I will forever be grateful. I started meditating and decided to do a Yoga Teacher Training in my favorite studio in Zagreb – Divya Yoga.

These were the practices I felt most connected with and they truly helped me find a peace of mind and get back to my true self. That was only the beginning. I studied the scriptures every day and trained my mind to understand the world we live in and the way of being, in a different way. I opened up to the world and people around me and decided to spread joy and positive thinking, instead of judging and seeing imperfections.


I learned that it was all a projection of my own fears and I didn’t want to do that anymore. Changing my perception changed everything! And I started attracting more and more positivity into my life, which lead to beautiful new friendships and amazing opportunities! I left my toxic, negative self behind and decided to be happy. Yes, it’s a choice and it makes a huge difference!

One day, as I was going to work, teaching singing, an understanding dawned on me and I knew – my calling is to be a HEALER.

, My Story

I already felt like I was doing that in my singing classes, as many students came to my classes to get rid of their fears. Fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of expressing themselves. Many times I felt like a healer, rather than a singing teacher. So I decided to take my calling seriously and get some training!

I felt energy around me and inside me, and was always sensitive and emphatic to other people’s needs and feelings, so I decided to learn more. I studied Ho’oponopono, which is based on gratitude and giving love to all and in every situation, I got my Yoga teacher training, learned more about Numerology which really helped me understand the cycles I was going through (and those of others). I started communicating with Angels to get guidance, started working with the pendulum, studied “binaural beats” and the power of frequencies, got initiated into Reiki and reached a Master level, and then simply started helping people around me. On regular basis I would help people understand their situation and encourage them to follow their heart!  I also started giving Reiki treatments and teaching workshops on how to connect with oneself. Since I went through the same process I wanted to share my experience and show them it was possible to change and feel better!

A step further in my training was to get trained to be a Life Coach. I realized I had been doing coaching for years with my singing students and friends, helping them follow their heart and live in alignment with their life purpose. So when I found a certification course on “Life Purpose Coaching” by Transformational Services I jumped right in! I got certified and started coaching for real. I feel blessed to be of service to others in making their dreams come true and I plan to keep on training and coaching as I feel this is my life’s purpose.

Today I give Reiki treatments, Life Coaching, teach workshops, help people find balance and inner peace, learn how to relax and breathe, create my own meditations and meditative music using subliminal messages and frequencies (combining spirituality and music – my two passions), and much more!


More specifically, I talk to people and give them guidance according to which cycle they are in, numerologically speaking, with a little support of Angel guidance. Sometimes I recommend a concrete meditation to be used, like a personalized one with the frequencies which would help with the issue or one that focuses on reaching the goal the person wants to reach. For example, attracting abundance, chakra balancing, motivational ones, etc.


If the person needed a specific treatment we would focus on that. I usually like to get more info about the person through a consultation, where we define the exact problem or obstacle that needs resolving. Sometimes the problem is in the physical domain but the root of the pain/illness is in the emotional and mental sphere, so we deal with those issues to get to the cause. Once we realise the cause we can then start the healing process. I use Reiki method, and with the energy we balance chakras and focus on problematic areas that need attention. Depending on the person’s situation I see how many treatments and what kind of treatments they need. Then the process is started and the body begins healing. The goal is to restore balance, to heal and the resolve the root issues causing the problems.

It fills my heart with joy when they come to me and say how it changed their lives and helped them get back on track, connect with their Inner Self, and find peace.


It’s truly amazing and it gives my life purpose. I will never regret going down this path and hope to inspire many more to be who they truly are – a beautiful soul capable of many wonders! And help them believe it to be true so they can follow their heart to find happiness within.

, My Story

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