Want to create your own online course, but have no idea where to start??

You have a lot of ideas and not sure which one to pick?

Need a step-by-step plan to follow, so you can stay on track?

Imagine getting paid in your sleep and waking up to Paypal notifications!

Imagine reaching thousands and not having to sacrifice your time!

Imagine having the time for your loved ones, to go to brunch and your Yoga classes, or spend time on your creative projects!

Imagine not having to worry about money when you get sick and can’t work!

Imagine having your signature course done in just 6 weeks!

I have created a course for boss ladies that are ready to create more freedom in their life.

Self-Study. Step-by-Step Guide. Tech Support.

Ready for more? Read on!



Clearly Define Your Course Topic

Get clear on what you want to be teaching and how to structure your course with professional guidance. Your topic needs to be something you feel comfortable teaching, feel like you can offer something valuable, as well as something that your audience needs in this moment.


Create Your Course Structure

We will create a structure and a plan for your course, decide what it will include, and make a strategy how to create it (step-by-step)


Prepare & Create Your Course Materials

In week 3 we get to work and start creating your course! Whatever you need to do - record, write, prepare everything to make this happen. And yes - we will hold you accountable! Don't freak out, you will get the support you need and we are happy to review your materials at any stage.


Edit Your Course Materials

Time to do the magic, so your course looks fabulous! I'll show you how to edit your videos, course materials and which platform are super easy to use. If you feel overwhelmed by it all, don't hesitate to delegate and get tech support (click below). Let's make this easy for you!

Get Tech Support

Choosing Your Platform

We will help you choose the right platform for you and give suggestions to which we have found to be the easiest to use, automate and that wouldn't be too pricy. Once your materials are ready it is time to upload it all and set it up on the platform.


Automating Your Course

Finally, we will make sure all your modules run smoothly, so your students can have a seamless experience. We will create automations, sequences for your mailing provider, and start preparing for your launch!

Let us do this for you?

I'm a Holistic Biz Coach and a Techy Creative Soulpreneur!

Hi there!

My name is Maja and I am a Holistic Biz Coach. I work very intuitively, so I help my clients energetically align with their offerings. I am also tech-savvy and love supporting spiritual and creative entrepreneurs with their more challenging tech stuff, which is why I always include tech support in my coaching packages.

I’ve been my own boss for over 10 years now, and I’ve always wanted to know how things work. I like being self-sufficient, so I made it my mission to figure it all out. And so I have! Today I love teaching others what I learned and sharing all the hacks and shortcuts that made my life and business easier.

In the past few years, I have specialized in creating digital courses as I have found it the best way to reach more people without sacrificing my time and energy. It has been truly life-changing, especially in times when I wasn’t able to work. The best thing about it is that it gives me the freedom to spend with my loved ones and my creative projects!

If this speaks to you and you would like to set up your first signature course join the live round!

I look forward to hearing from you.



During this course, we will…

WEEK 1 – Clearly define your course topic and structure

WEEK 2 – Create a plan for your course and what it will include, and make a strategy how to create it (step-by-step)

WEEK 3 – Prepare and create all of the materials needed for your course – recording/writing / etc

WEEK 4 – Learn how to edit your course materials (or have me do it for you!) and get it all done

WEEK 5 – Choose the right platform for you and learn how to set it all up + upload all materials

WEEK 6 – Create any automation sequences, so you can have it all running smoothly and finally launching your course!

This is a pre-recorded self-study course with weekly LIVE sessions in a private FB community, where you can get advice, support, and feedback on your course.
Each week a new module will unlock and you get FULL ACCESS to all the recordings and resources to help you launch your course + the possibility of hiring me for your tech support to help you set everything up!
For those that prefer a personalized experience, we can also do 1-1 sessions!




How does it work? 

The course unlocks on November 15th, 2021, and each week a new module will unlock for 6 weeks. This is because you need time to set everything up, and we will have Live calls in a private FB group every week for additional support. If you’d like to join the live calls and get peer support I registere for the live round before November 15th. It’s easier when you don’t do it alone. All the enrol will also get a free 20-minute consultation with me to clarify what needs to get done.

I’m not sure I have time for this now. Can I join later? 

This course will be available as a self-study course later this year, but there won’t be any live calls. It’s really up to you whether creating your course is a priority for your business right now or not.

I’m not really tech-savvy, so I’m not sure I can do this. Can you help? 

Yes, I also offer tech support, mostly for video and audio editing, and can help you set up your online course with ease. If you need tech support it’s best to book a free consultation so I can give you an estimated cost, as it depends on the workload and complexity of your course.

I need personalized support and prefer to do this 1-1 and get the most out of our time!

That’s possible too! You can book a private coaching package of 6 x 60-minute sessions and we can get started. Click here to check more info!

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! You can pay €99 upon registration and €99 in 4 weeks. Click here to take advantage of the payment plan. Once you sign up we will add you to the course at the Conscious Creators Academy and send you further instructions.

Got more questions?

E-mail us at be@qinspiredlife.com 




6 Modules (video + audio + pdf)

6 Live Calls in a private FB community

20-Minute 1-1 Consultation with me!

Accompanying Workbooks

Additional support in our FB Community

OPTIONAL – Tech support for your course (please book a consultation first if you need this)