You want to trust that the Universe has your back, but you’re feeling blocked!



“I meditate every day, but things still aren’t work out as I hope…”
“I’d love to invest in my business, yet I never seem to have enough!”
“I can manifest cash easily, but something always happens that I lose it or can’t seem to keep in in my account.”
“I feel like I constantly have to struggle and hustle to make the ends meet…”
“I don’t believe I am good enough to be successful and have the live I desire, so I don’t even dare to think it.”
“I feel like I constantly have to prove my worth.”
“I don’t know how to read my intuition, so I don’t trust it.”



 You crave an Abundance of Peace. Freedom. Security. Excitement.



You’ve enrolled in numerous courses, but don’t feel like you’ve gotten the results you want.

You meditate, but still can’t seem to surrender and trust.

It’s hard to find techniques that work for you and keep up the practice.

Life gets too hectic sometimes and you fall out of alignment easily.

You feel like no matter what you do you can’t seem to change your current situation.



Imagine having a life of your own design, filled with Abundance and Magical Opportunities!

How would it feel…

…if you could be clear on what you want, and confidently ask the Universe to deliver it?
…to become a magnet for miracles, magical opportunities and cash?
…to feel empowered, clear about your wishes, confident in your actions and trusting the Universe to bring you the best in life?
…to be able to support your life purpose, your loved ones and manifest your dreams?
…to feel worthy, confident, clear, aligned and inspired?

Just imagine…

  • Feeling lighter with confidence and trust that you are fully supported
  • Hearing your intuition clearly and accurately
  • Believing in yourself to make the right decisions and take inspired action with confidence
  • Becoming a magnet for lucrative opportunities, expected and unexpected payments and miraculous solutions!



A 5-week program for spiritual women who want to learn how to manifest abundance with ease and are ready to clear energetic blocks to receiving blessings, miracles and magical opportunities.

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course

Are you ready to start living in abundance?

Over 5 weeks together, we will…

✔ Clear over 150 limiting beliefs around self-worth, abundance and money, so you can finally start living your best life

Activate dormant DNA strands to help you reach your full potential and unlock your Abundance gene

Experience the Time Jump Manifestation method, so you can start manifesting your desires FAST

Quantum Jump into the Abundant Timeline so your vision can finally match your reality

Create sustainable practices so you can keep attracting abundance consistently

Join TODAY and get immediate access to BONUS MATERIALS! 

Here is what people are saying about this course!

"I really like the DNA's activation, but I love everything we did, the EFT, the meditation, the quantum leap, it was amazing."

"I really enjoyed every part of this course, it amazed me from beginning to the end."

"I experienced a really big shift regarding my pain, I feel so much better, barely experimenting pain anymore or when I do it's nothing compares to the pain I used to feel."

"I felt so many things, better self confidence, I feel more aligned and better in every way, it was way more that I could even imagine."

"I really love your energy, the way you make me feel, it's so easy to talk to you and open myself to you and our little group. I felt very at ease, you have the ability to make me feel confident. You're not judgemental at all, and I could gone on more and more."




Define what Abundance truly means to you and get clear about your goals. From the space of clarity set your intentions of what you’d like to manifest. The thing is you are manifesting ALL THE TIME, but sometimes our intentions are not clear and our energy is not in place, so we keep attracting challenges and obstacles!

When you get laser clear on what is it that you truly want, your driving force, get REALLY specific and understand the underlying reasons why, then you become a powerful magnet for miraculous solutions and opportunities.

In the first week you will receive:
✓ Module 1 VIDEO + MP3 to help you get clarity on what you want to manifest
✓ Module 1 WORKBOOK (PDF) with homework you can do at your own pace
✓ BONUS ACTIVATION - 12-Strand DNA Activation to start activating your dormant Abundance genes
✓ BONUS WORKBOOK - BE, DO & HAVE - to help you build and design your life vision
✓ Additional Journaling Prompts + Homework on the platform to help you get even more clear!
✓ LIVE Q&A SESSION in a private FB community

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course



In the second week we will clear over 150 limiting beliefs around abundance, money and self-worth. We will do a powerful 5D Theta Belief Clearing method as it clears beliefs on all levels – karmic, ancestral, DNA, energy, emotional level, Akashic records and so much more.

The reason for this is because once we get clear on what we want, we often encounter resistance and that needs to be addressed if we want to live a free and abundant life. Once we clear resistance, we can become a better vibrational match to what we desire and manifest a life of our own design much easier. In this module you will also receive your second DNA Activation and additional resources to help you clear whatever is blocking your abundant flow.

In the second week you will receive:
✓ Module 2 VIDEO + MP3 to help you get clarity on what you want to manifest
✓ Module 2 WORKBOOK (PDF) with homework you can do at your own pace
✓ EFT Emotional Freedom Tapping or Tapping Technique Explained (VIDEO TRAINING)
✓ 5D Theta Belief Clearing of over 150 limiting beliefs around money, self-worth and abundance (MP3)
✓ BONUS ACTIVATION - 24-Strand DNA Activation to upgrade the previous activation and unlock even more benefits
✓ Journaling Prompts + Homework on the platform to help you get even more clear!
✓ LIVE Q&A SESSION in a private FB community

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course



This module involves deeper work on what kind of abundance you’d like to manifest. We will do a powerful visualization to activate the quantum jump into the life of abundance you desire and we will download empowering beliefs to help you make it happen.

This step will reveal a lot of answers for you on how to get there and align more easily.

Visualization is a powerful tool to help you manifest your goals with ease, and we're going to take it a step further so you can energetically align with your ideal life and truly FEEL it in the present moment with an advanced manifesting technique called Time-Jump Manifestation Method. In this method we jump into the future reality and bring it back into the present life situation so we can manifest it easier.

In the third week you will receive:
✓ Module 3 VIDEO + MP3 to help you get clarity on what you want to manifest
✓ Module 3 WORKBOOK (PDF) with homework you can do at your own pace
✓ Time Jump Manifestation Method (MP3)
✓ BONUS ACTIVATION - 36-Strand DNA Activation to upgrade the previous activation and your final activation of this series
✓ Additional Journaling Prompts + Homework on the platform
✓ LIVE Q&A SESSION in a private FB community

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course



In this module you will learn how to manifest abundance DAILY. I will teach you the steps to make it happen and we will personalize your practice according to what you want to manifest.

In this course we are ACTIVATING the flow of Abundance, but to keep on attracting abundance and manifesting miracles, you need to stay an energetic match with your manifestations. To do just that you need to design your daily practice and keep doing these techniques until it becomes easy and effortless. It takes a while, depending on where you're at and how much work you've done so far, but it DOES get easier!

In the fourth week you will receive:
✓ Module 4 VIDEO + MP3 to help you get clarity on what you want to manifest
✓ Module 4 Workbook (PDF) with homework you can do at your own pace
✓ SUGGESTED DAILY PRACTICE - Wealth & Abundance Affirmations (MP3)
✓ BONUS ACTIVATION - Abundance Wealth Download Activation (MP3)
✓ LIVE Q&A SESSION in a private FB community

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course



In the final week, after all the clearing and powerful activations I will give you more tools on how to stay in alignment with abundance even after this course. Apart from all the spiritual practices there are many practical things you can do to be a magnet for cash, prosperity and magical opportunities. This is the final step of my manifesting process I've been tweaking over the past 15+ years that has helped me manifest several amazing apartments in Paris, luxury trips, cash, clients, name it!

The goal of this course is to help you feel abundant and I want this to be your reality long after we complete our journey together.
FYI, you get to do this with use every time we do a live round 😉

In the fifth week you will receive:
✓ Module 5 VIDEO + MP3 to help you get clarity on what you want to manifest
✓ Journaling Prompts + Homework on the platform
✓ BONUS - Quantum Jump Protocol (MP3)
✓ LIVE Q&A SESSION in a private FB community

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course

“Maja’s Activate the Flow of Abundance 5 Week Course is an incredible series that is packed with amazing techniques and tangible outcomes.

Maja is an absolute joy to work with and I love her frankness, realness and ability to tap in and connect on a super deep level. Maja is very skilled at working with people individually, and at the same time, allowing that work to touch and benefit everyone within the group. Maja’s techniques have absolutely cleared and healed many of the ‘issues’ that have been keeping me from truly benefiting from all of the abundance and prosperity that surrounds me.

I know Maja has so much knowledge, experience, and techniques to share, that the 5 weeks went by so quickly. I didn’t want the course to end. I was feeling so happy and positive and really seeing benefits during the course and in all honesty, I’m still feeling the same. Each day reveals something new and it’s completely exciting.

I can’t encourage you enough to join Maja and this course. You will laugh and you will heal and you will absolutely activate your flow of abundance!”


, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course
, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course

In this 5-week course designed to help you Activate the Flow of Abundance you will receive a very special BONUS ACTIVATIONS! 

DNA Activations are presented in a form of a guided visualization. You will receive audio recordings of all sessions, but I would need you to leave the 7 days in between the activations, to let the energy settle, which is perfect as we will have plenty of time to do that in these 5 weeks.

12-strand DNA Activation

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the divine blueprint of our lives. DNA contains two active strands of molecules wrapped around each other in a helix (a 3D curve/coil).

 The 12 Strand DNA Activation will assist with you becoming a conscious multi-dimensional lightworker as your soul evolves into higher frequencies by activating your DNA code beyond its twin strand spiraling DNA helix. This consciousness is much vaster then the veil allowed prior to this activation.

Benefits May Include:

  • Heightened Awareness
  • Heightened Intuition, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Regeneration of dis-eased Cells
  • Physical Body Detoxification
  • More Energy – Look/Feel Younger
  • Clearing of Genetic and Karmic Patterns
  • Higher Connection to the Divine
  • Receipt of Your Spiritual Birthright Gifts
  • Better Health
  • Greater Connection to Spirit Guides, Angelic Realm and other Dimensions

24-strand DNA Activation

There is a pre-requisite of 12 Strand DNA Activation and a minimum 7 day wait between levels.

With 24 Strand DNA Activation you will progress toward a higher consciousness and activation of additional dormant DNA strands and multi-dimensionality integration will occur; your physical and spiritual lineage will be more defined. Your divine blueprint becomes clearer and your brain capacity increases.

Benefits May Include:

  • Abundance & Prosperity
  • Release of Unconscious Genetic & Karmic Patterns
  • Physical Body Embraces More Vitality
  • Unconditional Self-Love
  • Hidden Talents & Abilities Surface
  • Heightened Creativity – Improved Memory
  • More Improvements to Health – Toxin Discharge
  • Sense of Peace and Oneness To All That Is
  • Your Immune System is Further Strengthened
  • Additional Cell Regeneration
  • More Clarity, Focus & Increased Brain Capacity
  • Greater Love for Others & Better Relationships
  • Understanding and Fulfilment of your Life Purpose
  • Synchronicity & Signs Come To You

36-strand DNA Activation

This is the third and final part of the DNA Activation Series and an energy upgrade to the original system. There is a pre-requisite of 24 Strand DNA Activation and minimum 7 day wait between levels. 

With 36 Strand DNA Activation you will be empowered to realize your highest potential as a divine being by unlocking yourself to all dimensions of the universe; with deeper levels of understanding after this activation. During the course of this activation light travels through every cell in your body. The light of the 36 Strand Activation will bring forth irrefutable clearing of your genetic blueprint and the welcoming energies will also clear karma manifested physically through your inherited bloodline. This light will flow through your physical, psychological, emotional and behavioral composition, re – coding and clearing the memory of your genetic characteristics straight down the ancestral line. This activation will also remove any dysfunctional traits and your DNA is re – coded to clear the negative genetic patterning. Living cells containing DNA produce their own electromagnetic activity. Our physical body is already Light, it will now vibrate at a higher level after your 36 Strand DNA Activation.

Benefits of 36 Strand Activation:

  • Loving and more compassionate relationships
  • Accelerated growth and development
  • Awakening to your true spiritual destiny
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Accelerated manifestation
  • Accelerated healing, detoxification & purification
  • New creativity and talents surfacing
  • Expanded memory
  • Increased brain capacity


Quantum Jumping involves projecting a desired result or state of being that is different from your existing situation, so you can observe a new reality and change your energetic state, initiating a shift into that alternate reality. We use advanced energy techniques to bring coherence to the brain waves in gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta, allowing you to live in a multiverse of parallel universes and manifest your desired outcome.

To experience positive and powerful quantum jumps, you must practice a conscious state of love and fearlessness while taking affirmative action in keeping with the reality of your desires. This Quantum Jump includes an advanced healing protocol that energetically moves you to a different timeline of the things you want. You can decide which area of timeline you want to parallel jump and start living you best and ideal life!

You will receive this practice in the final week of the course.

This particular method comes from Forensic Healing by Marisa Russo, which I’ve been trained to use.


Energetic attunements are a gentle process to help you shift your limiting subconscious beliefs and the energy around them. It’s a relaxing guided meditation boosted with my energetic support to shift from lack to empowerment. Every individual has a different experience, but most feel a great release and lightness. The results are profound and long-lasting, and you may feel a shift immediately.

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course

The Allowing Abundance Attunement is a simple energetic healing meant to open up the recipient to letting the flow of abundance in. It works to gently clear any blocks or resistance a person might have to letting good into their lives.

This attunement will not instantly solve financial problems but will empower the recipient to make better choices and move forward in their lives for increased abundance down the line. The more blocks a person has, the longer it takes, but don’t give up – keep using the energy! It will make a difference!

This is a guided meditative process brought to you in the mp3 form.

This attunement was brought to me by Element Energy.

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course

Achieving money “freedom” is not just about becoming “financially independent.” Having more money can actually make you more stressed out! This attunement is designed to help you clear fears and attachments around money, so you can invite more money without stressing out, but trusting that you are fully supported and are not defined by your “net worth”. This is a gentle guided meditation (mp3) you will receive as you engage on the platform.

This attunement was brought to me by Element Energy.


, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course


In this Master Class I am sharing with you what I learned over the years and what has helped me shift my money mindset.I talk about alignment, practical tools to help you shift into abundance, help you clear limiting beliefs around money and receiving abundance and soooo much more!

You will learn my 10 step process to healing your Money Story (practical – alignment + mindset) and you’ll receive 7 additional tools and resources for practical use and deeper healing (workbooks included).

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course


In this 3h Masterclass we use EFT tapping to clear the following beliefs:

1. I can’t afford it
2. Nobody will pay for my services/products
3. I don’t deserve to be rich / It’s not possible for me
4. I can’t earn a living doing what I love (I need a regular job to make a living)
5. I need to take x number of courses to be qualified to get paid for the service I want to provide
6. I never have enough money (there is always something)
7. Honest money has to be “hard-earned”
8. (Thinking about) Money stresses me out

We also used Theta Belief Clearing for all of the above and a few additional limitations, as well as downloading empowering beliefs around money and self-worth.


, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course


I love reprogramming the mind in the gentlest way possible, so to help you clear those subconscious limiting beliefs and blocks we will also use the soothing process of hypnosis. In this practice I will guide you into a deeply relaxed state of mind where you will receive empowering belief systems to help you manifest abundance with ease

This is a hypnosis inspired by the Wealth Trigger by Joe Vitale. 

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course


This guided meditation practice will help you attract abundance in your life with ease and it includes a combination of:

  • Binaural beats
  • Affirmations
  • Lakshmi mantra
  • H’oponopono practice

It is a beautiful practice I recommend for daily alignment and it will be a part of module 4 in this course.

“The abundance course was amazing. It was great to be able to access it on my own time. I really enjoyed all the sessions and meditations. I always feel much more calm, peaceful and open to attracting abundance after listening to the sessions.

I attracted presents that I have wanted for a long time and more importantly shifted to a more abundant mindset that allowed me to align with my desires.

I have done this course with Maja a few times, each time more joy and abundance flowed into my life. I would highly recommend this course. Maja is fun to work with.” – Sabina

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course


Altogether, it’s a value of more than €1497 … but you can join today for just €888!!!




5 MODULES (pre-recorded VIDEOS + MP3)

WORKBOOKS to accompany the modules (PDF) 

5 LIVE Q&A CALLS in a private FB group

✔ Access to Private FB Community for additional support 



✔ 12, 24 and 36 strand DNA Activations (MP3)

✔ Quantum Jump into an Abundant Timeline (MP3)

✔ Abundance Wealth Download Activation Manifestation (MP3)

✔ Allowing Abundance Attunement (MP3) 

✔ Money Freedom Activation (MP3)



✔ Time-Jump Manifestation Method (MP3)

✔ Attract Abundance & Prosperity Meditation including Waves, Theta Binaural Beats & Subliminal Re-Programming (VIDEO + MP3)

✔ Guided Abundance Meditation with Binaural beats, Affirmations, Lakshmi mantra and H’oponopono practice (VIDEO)

✔ Guided Visualization to Manifest Your Goals (MP3)

✔ EFT Abundance Affirmations (VIDEO)




✔ BONUS MASTER CLASS “Clear Your Money Blocks” (VIDEO + AUDIO)




Hi there!

Hi there!

My name is Maja and I am a Holistic Transformation Coach & Healer.

By tapping into the power of abundant manifestation, I have been able to create and live a miraculous, abundant life. I have tapped into amazing opportunities, including luxury trips, sailing around the world, attracting new wealth, and living my dream life in Paris, France.

Over more than 10 years I’ve been tweaking this process and shared my techniques to help spiritual women just like you to help them become a bigger and more powerful vessel for abundance.

I would love to take you on the same deeply transformational journey with my program Activate the Flow of Abundance. Together, we will expand your energy fields, unlock the keys to abundance, and allow you to receive your own dream life. 

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course

This is for you if:

✔️ You’re ready to clear over 150 limiting beliefs around money, self-worth and abundance
✔️ You’d like to learn advanced manifesting methods,
✔️ You ready to drop the struggle and align with ease and flow,
✔️ You’d like to be a consistent magnet for abundance, prosperity and lucrative opportunities,
✔️ You’d love to tune into your intuition, sharpen the signal and learn how to trust it
✔️ You’re interested in experiencing powerful DNA Activations and Spiritual upgrades to live a life that is aligned with your purpose and calling
✔️ You’re ready to Quantum Jump into your Abundant Timeline and start living your best life!

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course

I am writing this e-mail to you to thank you for the beautiful experience from your 5 weeks Activate the Flow Abundance Course // September 2020. I managed to finish the challenge and still working through the bonus sections.

During that time, I have had so many opportunities that I never knew was within my reach. It also pushed me to learn new things and open up to other possibilities. I am truly grateful for your program. The hardest part for me is still to heal my money story. However by accepting abundance, I can feel I am slowly healing. Your program is truly life changing.

Thank you again. Love and Light.
– Marsela N Rita



✔️ Do I have to be spiritual to do this course?

Not necessarily, but I ask you to keep an open mind. This course will have a ton of woo content, but also very practical and hands-on techniques and practices you can use. I like to combine both mindset, energy / spiritual, and practical activities, as I have found that brings you the best results.

✔️ I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course now?

Once you enroll you get one module each week, but it’s up to you when you start. You have all content and updates for life. You can take the course completely at your own pace. The only thing I ask you is to do the DNA Activations 7 days apart for best results.

✔️ Are you offering a payment plan?

Yes, we just introduced payment plans! Click here to get your 3-month payment plan! There are also options via Paypal (if applicable in your country), so make sure to check out their official website.

✔️ I’m a guy. Can I do this course?

Actually, YES! Although I primarily work with women, I do have male clients/students and you are very welcome to join if you feel called to do so.

✔️ What can I expect from this course?

A step-by-step process that you can easily apply in your real life. Powerful spiritual upgrades, belief clearings, beautiful meditations and healing sessions, live sessions in a private FB group for further support, a community of amazing people who you can connect to and share your experiences with, clarity about your vision, and support to manifest your dreams, Lifetime access with all upgrades!

✔️ Do you offer scholarships?

Sometimes I do, depending on the situation. I usually announce this on my social media. If you do need an extended payment plan reach out to us at and we’ll see what we can do.

✔️ Can you guarantee specific results?

These are the principles I’ve been using for years with great success and I have manifested amazing things! I truly do believe that if you do the work and keep up your practice your life will improve in a positive way. Most of my students get amazing results and are very happy with it, as you can see from their testimonials, however, this is very individual and greatly depends on how much work you do on your own and where you are at in your personal development journey. Legally I have to make sure to be clear on this and share with you this DISCLAIMER – I don’t guarantee or warrant results of increased abundance or financial income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

✔️ What is your refund policy?

I honestly don’t think you’ll need or want one, as I believe you were called to do this course for a reason. However, I understand that you’d feel more comfortable enrolling knowing you have that option. So here is what we can do – once you sign up you’ll get access to my BONUS materials. Check them out to get a feel of my methodology and if you think it’s not right for you, send an email to within 3 days of your purchase and we will send you a refund.

✔️ Got more questions?

Contact us at for help!

, Activate the Flow of Abundance Course
I was blessed to be a part of Maja Savic’s QInspired Life 5 Week on-line course, “Activate the Flow of Abundance”and I have to say, it was quite powerful. The modules, the readings and meditations and the writing, all worked together to help me shift my energy vibration and clear some old blocks that had been keeping me stuck for a long time. Maja is an amazing leader and is very available for her clients. It’s a very personal journey with her……
I am still feeling the affects, weeks afterward of the Time Jump Manifestation and the DNA Activations. Both were especially significant for me. I noticed an expansion of my understanding; a feeling of expansiveness in my thinking, which I believe will only continue to reveal itself in weeks and moths to come.
I was able to accomplish or begin a number of goals during the 5-week course, which also continue. I was able torecreate new Mission and Vision statements for my current life as well as revive a Life Motto, which I hadn’t been in touch with in several years. Blocks in my song writing efforts have been removed or loosened to a greater extent than I have ever been before. New ideas and songs are flowing!
All in all I feel greater ease and clearer direction for my goals and energies.
Thank you, Maja!
Rev. John Frederick