Are you ready for the most powerful New Moon this year?

Have you been feeling a bit emotional or distressed lately and have no explanation for it? Well, it could be the New Moon coming up on the 26th February joined with the Solar Eclipse in the emotional Pisces! 

On top of the New Moon energy which always brings a birth of something new and letting go of the old, this one is enhanced as this eclipse opens up a new channel to raise your vibration to a higher level! It may take up to 6 months to balance the energies and get in sync with the Earth’s frequency again. So make sure you tune in, take care of your needs, meditate, go within, breathe… 

You may feel old feelings rising up to the surface, negative thoughts creeping up on you or feeling unbalanced. It’s a good time to cleanse and heal. Acknowledge the emotions and thoughts that come up and heal. Use forgiveness as a tool to let it go, so you can welcome the new a bit lighter.

Journal what comes up, take time to process your emotions, eat light food, stay hydrated, get enough rest. Do whatever you need to feel balanced and calm. Once you go through this process you will have a clear vision of where you want to be. 

So if there is something in your life right now that you’d really like to pursue – go for it! It’s a great time to do that. Get clear on that, and write it down. You may even create a Vision Board to enhance the image in your mind. Keep it somewhere where you can see it. Set your intentions and goals then surround yourself with them. I suggest you do the New Moon Ritual to make it official.

I have prepared a special worksheet for you to help you in this fragile time and connect with your inner guidance. Make sure to do the ritual within the 24h! You may use the worksheet every month but I strongly suggest you do it today as this one is the most powerful one in 2017. 

GET the New Moon Ritual BELOW and use it to set the intentions and commit to your vision! 


For further reading I strongly recommend this article on Elephant Journal by Alex Myles, as it may bring you more clarity.



Maja Savic

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