As women we feel the energy of the Moon quite intensely and we are connected to the Moon cycles, as we enter our personal cycles each month. So it’s no surprise that we developed rituals to celebrate those cycles. It’s a way to connect with Mother Nature, with the Moon and with our Inner Self.

You may have heard of the New Moon Rituals when we plant the seeds of what we want to manifest. It’s the birth of the Moon cycle so it’s natural that this is the time to create new ideas or begin new projects that we later on nourish and allow to grow.

When we reach the Full Moon two weeks later we get to let go of everything that no longer serves us, nor supports our vision.

In short ­- to move forward with the fresh new energy and welcome new opportunities, we need to release something that is blocking us.

We use the Full Moon Ritual to celebrate and honor the process of letting go of whatever no longer serves us, so we can allow space for the new to come in.   

This Ritual is meant to provide you with general guidance, but please follow your inner guidance and feel free to adapt as you feel suitable for you. There are no rules, just inspired actions. Listen to your intuition, see what comes up and let go of what you feel is most important right now so you can move forward a little lighter.

Make sure you do the ritual on Saturday night right after midnight (Paris time!) 11-12th February 2017 to get best results. Check exact times for your time zone HERE


Steps to reach the desired outcomes will reveal themselves in the following weeks. Observe and journal on that, as it may help clarify your path.

Good luck!

I am sending you much love and support!



Maja Savic

Author Maja Savic

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