I often say “Think pink” is my motto in life!

I believe it’s the shortest possible way of saying what I truly believe is the best way of looking at life. All experiences are lessons so there is no good or bad experience. Looking at the positive side of things is important as you literally change your mindset. By changing your mindset you actually attract what you want in life. In my country it is very common to complain and look at all the “negative” things in life. Even though I was always an optimist, it would sneak up on me as well! Then I would wonder why things weren’t working out. Well, let me tell you something – what you think you create and attract! I was most impressed with Dr. Emoto Masaru’s water experiment so I encourage you to check it out (link below). I decided to test it out and did the so-called “rice experiment” which has the same principle and visibly proves what thoughts do to us. If you are skeptical feel free to try it. Even though I am a true believer, I like having proof for skeptics, and I just love when science prove what’s been known in some cultures for millennia.

Thinking positive will attract more positive events in your life and more things to be grateful for. Which brings me to another important component – count your blessings! You may think you have nothing to be thankful for, but think twice! There are so many things to be grateful for – the sun, drinkable water, loving parents, a chance encounter that brings a smile on your face, a nice meal, a roof over your head… I could go on and on… the more you are thankful to more you attract things to be thankful for.

So check out the videos and start your gratitude list today!

List 5 things you cherish today and do it every day! Be thankful for EVERY experience, especially “the bad ones”. They are the most valuable lessons you will ever learn!  

Hope I inspired you to think pink and I promise – if you do this on daily basis and be more conscious of these important lessons – your life WILL change for the better. Just observe.

I wish you a wonderful day!


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