Conscious Planning with the Lunar Cycle

It all started a few years ago when I discovered the Moon rituals. I set the mood on every New and Full Moon, meditate, write down my intentions and finally burn the pieces of paper with my intentions, to let it go. At first it was my personal practice, then I created my worksheets to share with my community, and finally I shared this sacred experience with my women’s circle here in Paris.

The fact is, as women we are relate to the cycle, as we follow our own personal cycle from beginning to end. I decided to take this further and plan my whole schedule around the Lunar cycle. It has been so useful to me for all these years, that it just made sense to plan accordingly and harvest the beautiful energy of the Moon.

What is Conscious Planning anyways?

I believe we are the co-creators of our own life experience and we can design it according to our preferences. I use several guidelines to do that, but today I want to focus on planning with the lunar cycle.

First I start by researching ahead and getting all the dates down. Then in my journal I mark every New and Full Moon, and I plan all of my activities with regards to that. The whole year is planned like that, with a few additions, like Mercury Retrograde which can also affect my planning.

New Moon brings us new beginnings, as it’s the beginning of the cycle, so I like to start new projects at this time, make decisions, plan a launch, start my courses,…well things you can actually plan ahead!

Two weeks later we get the powerful surge of energy from the Full Moon and it’s different for every person, but usually it is a good time to let go of something that is no longer serving you. For example, it can be a good time to close a course / project, quit your job, let go of a partnership or a collaboration, nasty habit, and so on. For me it is also a good time to shine my light! I like to plan big announcements on the Full Moon, do Master Classes, go LIVE on social media to spread the word about something that I’m doing or that I’d like to share.

You can take this even further by looking at every stage of the Moon – Waning Moon, which comes after the Full Moon. This time is good to clear your schedule, debt, or anything that isn’t working.

Similar to the New Moon energy, Waxing Moon is a good time to start a project, sort out your finances, put yourself out there.

I like to keep it simple and focus on New and Full Moon only, as I do have a few elements I am taking into consideration with my conscious planning method.

Altogether, working with the Moon energies has been incredibly helpful in my life and business and I love it.

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