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If you need inspiration and motivation to follow your heart’s desire, learn how to let go of old patterns, release blocks and heal, then you came to the right place. I would be happy to help and guide you towards your life purpose!

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Life Purpose Group Coaching Program


“Brilliant Maja!! Within the first sentence of our call you had hit the reasons why I’m currently sitting in KL airport, the underlying reasons for leaving work last year, and the number one biggest challenge I’m facing!! That was amazing!! Thank you so much for this mornings talk – you gave me both goose bumps and a real sense of direction and affirmation.. that I’m on the right path at the moment!! Hugs”

Kate Kazony (Australia)

“I saw Maja for a Reiki healing. As soon as I met her I could tell she really loves what she does and even during the session it was visible. Before starting the Reiki Maja asked me what I wanted to heal and work on, so that we could work on my chakra’s and healing what I needed. She also talked to me about my numerology, which was very interesting for me, as I never did that before. After the Reiki, I felt great and very light; we talked about what she felt I needed to do in order to process my healing and she pulled some angel cards to help me through guidance. I appreciate that Maja took the time to listen to what I had to say and explain/coach me what my following steps should be. She also sent me a summary of what we talked about and also the tips to follow with the pictures of the angels cards that were pulled for me. I definitely will be going back to see Maja, again. 🙂 “
Sara P.

“Maja is a wonderful soul, human being, a life coach, vocalist and a friend. Recommending her wholeheartedly for all many beautiful things she has been developing through many years. Keep going Maja!   “

Lela Kaplowitz
Vocal Coach & Healer

“QInspired Life, inspires me everyday. Maja Savic is truly a gifted and inspirational coach. I look forward everyday in reading her post on the Qinspired Life Facebook page. Thanks Maja for your daily dose of motivation and inspiration.”

Henry Thomas (USA)
Life Coach 

“I have made the program Life Purpose Coaching of 8 weeks with Maja Savic and I’m really grateful and happy to have done this program. I really appreciate all support that Maja has given me. It helped me a lot to understand and clarify my life, discover some passions and dreams that I’ve forgotten, discovering some blocks and limiting beliefs that are blocking my life. Maja was always supportive, with good energy and positivism, with always lots of ideas that could help me improve my life, and also realistic and genuine. Now, thanks to this program I’m more aware of my life and the areas that I must work on. Thanks Maja for everything. I really recommend this program if you want to discover and clarify your life purpose.” 

Marlene Costa. (Portugal/France)
IT Developer 

“Maja is a coach with a great spirit: joyful, friendly and full of enthusiasm.

Maja has help me let go of my limiting beliefs and discover a fresh way of setting goals and keep focus on the important.

I love her because she is always positive and she has taught me great techniques to help me release tension and re-energize myself when I’m down (like breathing, yoga, mindfulness… and many more)

Thank you Maja!”

Elli Ivkovic (France)
Aspiring Stand-up Comedian 🙂 

“I had my first Reiki Therapy experience with Maja at her home.  Haven’t had experienced this up till now, I was a bit nervous but Maja was wonderful and welcoming, informing me of how Reiki Therapy works and made me feel comfortable.  The experience was in itself lovely – I felt calm and serene afterwards and also noticed parts of my bodies that needed more attention.  Maja also helped guide me by doing numerology and tarot reading for guidance.  Afterwards, she followed up immediately with an email to recap what we had done together and stayed in contact with me to see how I was feeling to see how things were developing.”

“I love reading Maja’s posts on QInspired Life! It helps ground me and think about how to best seize the day 🙂. Thank you!”

Emilie B (France)
Communications & Marketing 

“Otherwise very skeptical regarding any kind of workshops, especially the ones where participants are taken out of their comfort zone, when I saw the announcement for Maja’s workshop “Body, Breath & Voice”, I applied without thinking. This workshop was the beginning of both my singing and spiritual journey, on which Maja has been my guide from the start, and which helped me understand better my abilities, talents, and my other – true self. Maja is a person who inspires by example, through her life experience, who knows how to listen and unobtrusively draw attention to possible paths and solutions. All this with provided with a beautiful and effective energetic support.”

Ana M. (Croatia)
Spanish Teacher & Recreational Singer 😀 

“Maja Savic is one of the most balanced persons I’ve ever met. She has a strong personal energy that puts you at ease, and makes you feel comfortable. She might seem very intimidating to some, but she is genuinely humble and modest. Being an example is not the best way to convince, it is the only one : Maja’s life is a coherent and sensible reflection of her values and her life philosophy and beliefs : Being a Traveling Yoga Teacher / Jazz Singer / Coach, anything she puts her mind into turns into a success because she has a strong intuition and her spiritual connection is so deep that it forces respect. One can only be impressed by all she managed to carry out in her life, and be inspired consequently. I was a banker for a long time, and a self-repressed artist. I met Maja at a turning point in my life, and her influence was very decisive, as she really gave me the guts to leap in the unknown and embrace a whole new life, and the courage to believe in myself and fulfill all my life’s dreams. Along the way, at her contact, I learned to refine and cleanse my inner intuition, which proved to be the most powerful tool ever for leading a successful personal and professional life. Her practical skills in various complementary domains like Reiki or Numerology always proved to be to the point, and I had no other choice but to adhere, even though I am a seasoned engineer with rational science background. I have seen results and experimented things and walked down paths she opened to me with nothing but success. I strongly recommend her as a coach to any one who deserves her. She is a very positive human being, and having her in one’s life is a pure bliss. “

Mehdi (France)
Producer/DJ/Booking Manager

“I met Maja a long time ago and she has been coaching me for a while. I really love her approach and she is truly a beautiful woman. She is inspiring and she knows that even if you are a coach or a healer, you always grow and learn. So I see her evolving and growing more and more in a deeper lever.

I’m sure she will accomplish all of her desires and will help you to transform yourself. Thank you amiga !

Helionor (Spain)
Life Coach