Discover your Life Purpose



and live your dreams?


join this life-changing program and

make positive changes in your life!

This is for you if… 

• You want to feel authentic and in integrity with your true self

• You want to feel like you’re living in alignment with your purpose

• You want a meaningful and fulfilling career

• You want to do more of what you are passionate about

• You want to replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones

• You want to create the life of your dreams

So, why this program? And why LIFE PURPOSE?

Knowing your LIFE PURPOSE is transformational!

• Know what you came here to do

• Know your unique contribution to the world

• Know what career would fulfill you

• Know how to use your gifts and natural talents

• See greater meaning in your past experiences

• See your curses as blessings

• Know what direction to go in life

• Feel empowered to go for your dream

The keys to unlocking purpose: Passions, Talents, Personality, Experiences, Beliefs

#1 most important aspect of living a purposeful life – LIVING WITH PASSION! 


Your passions unlock the key to your happiness, your excitement, your fulfillment, your talents, and your success.

If you embraced your passions you would:

• Feel inspired with life

• Know what makes you feel alive

• Know what fulfills you at your core

• Feel excited to get up in the morning

But you see, many of us have forgotten our passions—they got pushed aside by our “shoulds” and obligations. In this program I’m going to help you realign with what you love, what feeds you, and what inspires you so you can live a life of purpose!

This is a comprehensive program for discovering your LIFE PURPOSE, your higher purpose. I’m going to give you the big picture so that you know what steps you can take to discover your purpose, and then we’re going to get into much greater detail on the most important step—PASSION!

What you will learn in this program:

  • CHILDHOOD WONDER: Insights from your younger self.
  • YOUR PASSIONS: What do you love?
  • YOUR GIFTS: What do you have to offer?
  • YOUR DREAMS: What do you really want?
  • YOUR VALUES: What do you stand for?
  • YOUR COMMITMENT: How can you live in integrity?

What this COACHING program will do for you…

• Personally coach you through the process of each stepping stone

• Provide detailed and fun activities to help you uncover and organize your key characteristics and desires

• Brainstorm together to clarify your greater purpose

• Create a concrete action plan for living in alignment with your greater purpose

In just 8 weeks we’ll cover… 

Week 1: Childhood Influences
Week 2: Passions and Interests
Week 3: Talents and Skills
Week 4: Personality
Week 5: Life Changing Experiences
Week 6: Coincidences
Week 7: Eliminating Limits
Week 8: Clarifying Your Purpose & Writing Your Manifesto

Finally, join the program if you want to:

• Live in integrity

• Have a fulfilling career

• Live with passion

• Stop limiting beliefs

• Create the life of your dreams

• Fulfill your purpose




“I have made the program Life Purpose Coaching of 8 weeks with Maja Savic and I’m really grateful and happy to have done this program. I really appreciate all support that Maja has given me. It helped me a lot to understand and clarify my life, discover some passions and dreams that I’ve forgotten, discovering some blocks and limiting beliefs that are blocking my life. Maja was always supportive, with good energy and positivism, with always lots of ideas that could help me improve my life, and also realistic and genuine. Now, thanks to this program I’m more aware of my life and the areas that I must work on. Thanks Maja for everything. I really recommend this program if you want to discover and clarify your life purpose.”

Marlene Costa (Portugal/France)
IT Developer


“Maja is a coach with a great spirit: joyful, friendly and full of enthusiasm. Maja has help me let go my limiting beliefs and discover a fresh way of setting a plan to realize my goals.”

Elli Ivkovic
Multi-passionate Creative  Professional
& Aspiring Stand-up Comedian

Emilie embarked on a life-changing journey with my and took the 8-week Life Purpose coaching program. This is what she had to say…

Thank you Emilie for your kind words! It was a pleasure working with you 🙂

encouraging message from your coach


This program has helped me understand myself, as well as my life purpose, in so much depth, and has given me a new clarity of my true path. I have developed new daily rituals to help me transform my life in a positive direction so I can truly live in alignment with my purpose. I learned new tools to be proactive in taking control of my life and have been successful in manifesting my dream life. This is a comprehensive program that will give you a lot of insights about your true self and is carefully designed to give you full support and guidance on both practical and spiritual level. I combine different techniques I learned over the years and help guide you to achieve your goals.

Remember – you CAN live the life you deserve! You CAN be HAPPY! Seize the day and follow your heart’s desire! It’s totally worth it. 🙂

Cherish this gift of life you’ve been given and be your True Self! I cannot even describe how wonderful it is to live the life you truly desire and fulfilling your purpose! Imagine waking up every day and knowing you are doing exactly what you were supposed to do on this planet. It’s an amazing feeling and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Don’t settle. You can do better. We are all unique and special and if we are happy we make this world a happier place too.

Hope to be a part of the biggest adventure of your life! It would be an honor to serve you.

With love,





DURATION: This is an 8-week program and each session lasts APPROX. 90 MINUTES.


  • Introductory 90-minute session for evaluation which includes additional bonuses*!

    • Stress Evaluation Test

    • Angel Card Reading for guidance and evaluation

  • 8 online sessions with me personally in the duration of 1-2 hours

  • Complete course materials

  • Concrete Action Planning Session to follow-up

  • Personalized Meditation with Binaural Beats and Affirmations for Mental Programming

  • Support via e-mail during the whole course period

  • Exclusive membership in the QInspired Facebook Group for support and inspiration from myself as well as my fellow lightworkers, and Q&A regarding the program as well as challenges you may be facing

* Additional bonuses include a complete numerology reading, stress evaluation test, angel card reading for guidance and evaluation if we can work together. It is important to me that everyone feels comfortable, so you need to be comfortable with me and I need to see if you’re really ready to take this big step to change your life!  This evaluation is done on our *Introductory Session.


This program is for WOMEN

who are READY to make a CHANGE!