I have been officially introduced and initiated into Meditation practices in 1999 and have been exploring different kinds of meditations since. I have tried the Transcendental Meditation, Tibetan Meditation, ZaZen Buddhist Meditation and many Yogic techniques used to enhance the meditative experience as well as meditation itself. Any kind of meditation basically works for me, some more, some less. The goal is always the same – one-pointed mindfulness and observing the thoughts. It’s not about stopping the thoughts, as that is a bit impossible, but simply not engaging in them. It has been proven that just 15 minutes is enough to get all the benefits from a meditation, but I honestly believe that’s the exact time when the magic starts to happen! 🙂

I’ve always been a person with a thousand thoughts and I simply couldn’t focus on one thing at a time! I lost many hours of sleep because my mind was constantly working…and working FAST!!! However, meditation changed my life completely! My mind is now more focused than ever, not to mention that I don’t get upset over anything really. Things that I would get upset about before simply don’t matter anymore. I find that with daily practice you get into this peaceful and centered state of mind when you become the observer. Then none of your problems seem big anymore and you feel like you can achieve whatever you want. Exactly from THAT state of mind I believe you truly can! It’s in those frequencies of our brain that we can truly imprint the new state of mind we want to achieve, visualize our goals with more clarity and (re)program ourselves exactly how we want to be. It simply works.

In 2012 I discovered something else – the binaural beats. I have been meditating listening to specific frequencies that literally change your brainwaves to those you want to be in. Meaning, within just a few minutes you switch to the frequency you want – hence, the state of mind you want to be in.

What does it really mean?

Let me break it down for you.

There are 5 frequency ranges we can function on:

DELTA – 0.5-4Hz

We are in the Delta frequencies when we are in deep sleep, a dreamless state, the unconscious mind. This can also be achieved when we are in deep meditation and in these frequencies we can access universal knowledge that is not available to us when we are conscious. Delta frequencies are perfect for deep healing as our body regenerates when we are in this state of mind.

THETA – 4-7.5Hz

When we are in the Theta frequencies magic happens! We can do some quality mind programming, boost our inspiration and creativity and manifest our dreams easily. This state of mind is achieved when we are in deep meditation, light sleep and it is where our subconscious mind resides which basically creates our reality. This is why I like to choose these frequencies for programming and visualization.

ALPHA – 8 Hz to 12 Hz 

Alpha waves are our bond between the conscious and subconscious mind. In these frequencies our imagination works best, we are creative, relaxed, and can visualize better which helps to program our mind in any way we want. We are usually in that state of mind when we close our eyes, when we daydream or are in a light meditation. Our natural state of mind is 7.5Hz and that’s where our intuition works best.

BETA – 12 Hz to 40 Hz 

Most people are in Beta frequencies in their every-day lives. Why? Because in these frequencies we are able to think, act, do! When we need to focus on something, think critically, find solutions or simply do whatever we need to do to function in this material world, we will most likely be in Beta. These are the frequencies of our conscious mind.

GAMMA – 40 Hz to 100 Hz

These high frequencies help us learn better and stay more focused! We process information faster and are able to memorize easier when we are in Gamma. Regular meditation helps us get to this state of mind better.


This is how it functions – binaural beats are meant to listen to with headphones as it only works that way. One frequency goes into the right ear and another into the left, and what you hear is actually the difference between the two frequencies, which we call the “binaural beat”. That frequency which is actually the difference between those two is what makes the magic happen. It literally puts your brain in that frequency and therefore you enter that state of mind within minutes!

I have been listening to these frequencies for years and it truly makes a difference. I have experienced amazing results and would totally recommend it!

To achieve best results listen on daily basis for 6 weeks. It’s truly remarkable. 

Feel free to explore more on this topic as there are plenty of researches available online, as well as more details about brain waves and frequencies.

I would like to share with you my meditations with binaural beats and subliminal messages to help you manifest abundance & prosperity in your life! 

More meditations to come in the near future!

I like to create personalized meditations for my clients according to their needs and would love to hear from you if you have some wishes and ideas of what to do next! Just e-mail me your thoughts at – be@qinspiredlife.com .


I’d like to share with you some benefits that you will get if you start meditating today! It’s so good for you and it only takes a few minutes! 🙂

To check more details visit this website where I got this very insightful image – BENEFITS OF MEDITATION






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